junk car with no title

Removal Of Junk Car Is Easy Without A Title!

junk car with no title

A person spends a lot of time in buying a vehicle and taking care of it but junking it is remarkable easily. One just have to contact with junk car buyer company, make a deal, complete some paperwork, trade the car for cash and they are done! But wait for what paperwork? Are you the one thinks that having a title is sometimes necessary even for junk the car? Do you want to sell a junk car but do not have proper papers of the vehicle, then there is no need to worry.  You can still sell your junk car; it just takes some time in the process, but in the end, you will be able to earn money against the junk car.

Sometimes it happens that we misplace things especially papers. Keeping track of paper for an old junk car that you don’t drive anymore is not easy. Some buyers in Chicago buy junk cars without a title. But make sure not to get in contact with shady junk car buyers as they can leave you in trouble.

What Is The Car Title?

A car title is a legal document which is proof that you are the owner of the vehicle; in some states, it is referred to as pink slip. When a person purchases a car, he or she gets the title from the state’s department of motor and vehicles and when you sell your car to other you transfer that pink slip to the second owner. The title is issued for all types of vehicles including motorcycle, motorized boats, and trucks.

As an owner of the vehicle, you know that there are different types of title for various conditions of vehicles. If a car that is never damaged has a clean title, if a vehicle is severely damaged, it will have a salvage title, and if a vehicle is declared as destroyed after an accident, but someone chooses to rebuild it, it will have rebuilt or reconstructed title. These types of title ensure new buyers about the condition of the vehicle.

How Can You Get The Title?

It is possible that you forgot the place where you left the title, but your bank has it. When you take a car on loan, the bank owns that vehicle until you pay them back and for the guarantee, they keep your title with them until it is debt paid. If you are planning to sell the vehicle for cash, there are chances that you will get a good offer without title, but driver license and valid registration will be needed.

sell your junk car with no title

Is it Possible For Someone To Sell a Car Without a Title?

When you sell a used vehicle, it is necessary to show the title to them. The new owner needs it for two reasons. First, he or she wants to see the title to get confirmation that the vehicle belongs to you (it was not stolen) and you have the right to sell it. And second is transferring the title to a new owner ensures that they legally own the car. So, selling a car without title to private owner or dealer is quite impossible but selling it to the junk car buyer can help you to gain some profit.

How To Get Cash For Junk Car With No Title?

Getting cash for junk car without title takes time, but with some research and time, you will be able to reach the right person. Here are some steps that you can follow to get in touch with junk car buyers:

  • Speak with the company you want to sell your junk car and ask them if they buy your vehicle without a title.
  • If the company is ready to buy the car without the title asks them about the whole process and follow the steps.
  • If they said that they are not able to buy any vehicle without title move on to the other company until you find someone who can take the process forward with registration and license instead of title.

Final Words:

It is essential that you should be aware of some legal conditions that keeping a car around without title are against the law. In some areas, there are stringent laws for cars; if you have parked any car in your backyard or garage, it is must to have proper documents if you don’t have you will be charged a fine. So, instead of paying the penalty sell the car to the junk car buyers for a good trade of money.

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