Sell Your No Title Junk Car at the Best Price

You may want to sell it off but your mind might be filled with various questions related to it. What points do I need to remember to sell it? How can I prove my ownership for it? How can I earn from my junk car? Is your mind flooded with many such questions? Read on to get answers to these questions!

Well, there are many ways to earn from your car even if it is completely useless. Many Junk car buyers are ready to buy junk cars with no title. But you must have document proving your ownership of the car because no junk car buyer will be willing to take risk of buying such junk car. These few documents can prove your ownership with car:

  1. Car must be registered in your name. No junk car buyer would be able to purchase it based on the sales bill.
  2. Your car should not have an active lien. If it is carrying an active lien, you will have to obtain a release of lien from the company on its letterhead.
  3. Your vehicle should not be used as a loan guarantee for any kind of loan. If used, then pay it first.
  4. If you are an owner and do not have a title, you have to have the keys of your car.
  5. You must have the legitimate document to verify from either state or government. It must not be expired.

What a Junk Car Buyer Can Pay you?

Junk car buyers are always willing to pay instant cash against your break-downed car. You can search on Google, “Junk Car Buyers near me”. You will find many websites ready to buy your car. In case, you need better prices go through each website and check them. After analyzing their terms and condition, shortlist them based on your suitability.

It’s time to ask for a quote. Here you need to put a few details like:

  1. Vintage condition
  2. Manufacturing year
  3. Mechanical condition
  4. Anything else you consider important

The junk car buyer will offer you a quote instantly. If you agree with the offered price, you can set a deal. Ask them to arrange a car pick-up and they will pick it up till next day.

In case, you are not willing to sell your junk car at offered quote there are a few items which can earn you more money. These are:

  1. Upholstery
  2. Batteries
  3. Tyres
  4. Catalytic converters
  5. Audio visual system
  6. AC compressors
  7. Axle shafts
  8. Front spindle

Removal of these parts would not break your deal. Afterall, you are selling a junk car and selling these items separately can earn you a few more bucks.


If you are seeking a junk car buyer in Chicago, we are proud to tell you that, we are buying junk cars without title across Chicago. You can leave details on our website and you will get an instant quote. Our workers will pick up your junk car next day and pay you in cash immediately.

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