What happens to the Junk Car Without Title?

If you have a junk car standing in your front yard and is no longer in a running condition, you cannot hope for many chances of selling it and getting a lot of offers. If you are very keen to get rid of it and you don’t have a title, the best you can do about it is selling it for parts. If you have a clear title for the vehicle, you can arrange to get it towed away to a junkyard or a company that works in the field of removing junk car. This way, you not only stand to earn some money, but also get rid of the clunker occupying space in your driveway.

What happens if you don’t have a title for the car?

If you do not have a clear title of the vehicle you wish to get rid of, the matter gets a little complicated. Without a clear ownership proof, towing and scrapyard companies will not be too willing to go forward with a deal with you. In fact, you are also vulnerable to be scammed and duped. In you have a junk car without title, you can still earn some money in the following ways-

Selling its parts

If you have even a little idea about car mechanics, you can just take an inventory of valuable parts that may fetch you some money. If you have no idea about these parts, invest some time in research and you will come to know about the amount that can be earned on different auction sites for specific valuable parts. Take out some time, remove these parts from the car, get them tidied up and post them available for sale. It is important to add clear description of these parts in the listing clarifying its age and present condition. Also add the cost of shipping to the asking price. This will help you fetch good money from car parts.

Selling its tires

If your tires are in a perfect shape and have more number of years, you can list them for sale. Since tires are very expensive, there is no dearth of potential buyers who look for used tires instead of buying new ones. Get the tires ready for sale by washing them thoroughly, click its pictures and post on a local classified site. The chances of selling them increases when they look good after a thorough washing.

Look for a title

Visit the site of Local Department of Motor vehicles and check out options available to get a title as it can help in selling the junk car very easily. The process of getting the title is not too difficult. Once received, you have an option to sell the car to a salvage company or a scrap yard. The company representatives visit the seller and tow away the car while at the same time paying them good money in exchange.

It is recommended not to sell the car to a scrap yard in the absence of a title as it can create a lot of hassles later on.

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