Who buys junk cars without a title?

Selling a car that is no longer in a position to run is not an easy job. A lot of paperwork is involved in selling a vehicle that you had conveniently forgotten about and also where you put the title. At that time, it was not such a big deal for you but when you plan to sell it, you will have to look for the title. If someone says that he is ready to buy your junk car without title, it is a clear indication to beware. It is a red flag that you may be getting set up and scammed.

Here, we offer you information about who buys junk cars without a title and why you should stay away from them.

If you think that you are free and clear selling your old, heap of junk occupying premium space in your front yard without a title, you are seriously mistaken. You will get some cash when they come to tow away your junk vehicle but later on, after a few months, you may be surprised getting a bill in the mail. You may be charged for storage and maintenance fee by the junk yards or auto dismantlers for the vehicle you had sold a few months ago. Even if you decided not to pay the bill, you will come to know that your name is still mentioned on the title and technically the ownership is still with you so legally, you are not off the hook. A time and situation may come when the owner of the junkyard gives you a call and threaten you to sue for the fees. It is a scam and for this reason, you must avoid selling your old, decrepit vehicle without a title.

If you have not signed over the title, you cannot prove the sale of the vehicle. Despite money changing hands, the ownership of the vehicle still lies with you. Moreover, if your vehicle is involved in any accident, parking ticket, or any illegal activity, the legal liability lies with you.

If you are wondering whether you will be able to sell your junk car without a title and when, here, we give you some facts about it.

In some states, it is legal to sell junk cars without a title but the process that one has to go through is quite complicated. It is not as easy as signing over the title to someone else. A lot of paperwork like a Declaration of Ownership is required besides a copy of driver’s license and providing thumbprints.

To conclude, we would suggest not selling your old car without a title and protect your interest as a seller. You can also go for a replacement title which is an easier process and can get it done in just a few minutes. It is reliable and the quickest way to get the deal go through, get paid, get rid of the old car and finally move on in your life.

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