Scrap Car Removal Good for Environment

Why is Scrap Car Removal Good for Environment?

Scrap Car Removal Good for Environment

Have you ever heard of the scrap car removal benefits? Well, it definitely has a plethora of benefits but do you know scrap car removal can actually turn out to be advantageous for our environment? According to the research, there are more than 13 million new cars designed every year in developed countries such as Canada, the United States, and more. The question is what about the old cars? Are the parts of your old car (that you are no longer using) thrown straight away in the trash? Or are these parts put on the market for sale?

The car is made up of an array of essential materials including but not limited to platinum, steel, zinc, palladium, rubber, and aluminum. Some of these parts are metal, which is known for their amazing recyclable properties. Yes, you read it right! Aluminum and steel are two of the most important and recyclable metals that can be reused over and over.

The good news is these metals do not lose their shine or strength after getting treated with the recycling process, that means you can use the recycled steel in all the areas where the fresh steel could be used. There are several reasons why people consider scrap car removal rather than selling it or throwing it away. For instance, you may no longer want to drive your old-fashioned car, the repairing cost of your damaged car is more than the price of the car itself, or you have decided to buy the latest car. No matter what the reason is, you must definitely consider scrapping your car as it not only benefits the vehicle owner but it protects our environment too. Here’s how:

  • The Process is Regulated

The scrap yards and recycling centers have to adhere to the strict recycling rules, making their overall recycling procedure eco-friendly and fair. When you hand over your scrap car to the junkyards, you not only take part in the environment-friendly act but you also help an entity that follows the same ethical value as you do. Hence, the car owners don’t need to worry about how their car is going to be recycled and how the parts of their car will be used. Once you have sent your car to the scrap yards, it becomes the responsibility of the professional workers to scrap your car and use it wisely.


  • Re-use scrap metal

Around 13 to 14 million tons of steel are assembled from the scrapped vehicles annually. The utilization of these scrap steel saves no less than 85 million barrels of oil annually.

The manufacturing process of extracting fresh metals from the ore and making it ready for use is super harmful to the environment. Basically, it requires oil and carbon (two of the earth’s most limited resources) for production. On the other hand, scrap metals recycling require fewer resources, doesn’t emit hazardous gas, and cause from little to no damage to our planet.

  • Avoid Landfills

The amount of waste we deposit in the landfill is already beyond the maximum level. The more waste we dump in landfills, the more pollutants emerge. Even today, when recycling and re-using, are embraced by the households and industrial sectors, people often end up dumping a significant amount of trash in the landfills which, in return, contaminate our environment.

As soon as the waste in a landfill decomposes, it emits greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and etc into the atmosphere. The car contains plenty of non-biodegradable matter, which shouldn’t be put in the landfills as they can poison the atmosphere and cause multiple ailments to human. Hence, you should send your car to the nearest scrap yard instead of throwing it away. Don’t let the parts of your car, which are supposed to be recycled and reused, cause environmental pollution.

  • Don’t put your car batteries in the trash

Do you know the batteries of your old car can be re-used? Send your car batteries to the recycling unit instead of throwing it right away in the trash once your car gets scrapped. They can either be sent to the junkyards or used in the other vehicle. However, they can cause lead pollution if dumped in the landfill. Hence, you should take out the batteries of your scrapped car and send it to the recycling centers.

Of course, the first thought that may strike your mind is “why not sell the car and earn a considerable amount of bucks?” That’s a good choice but it is worth to note that you won’t make a good amount by selling your worn-out and damaged car that require heavy repairing investment. Your old-fashioned car might be a piece of scrap for you but it is valuable for a junkyard. Since your car consists of a host of valuable materials that can be recycled and re-used, you must consider handing it over to the junkyards.

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