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12 Scrap Car Parts That Can Be Recycled and Reused

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Recycling of automobile is a multi-billion industry; people are often surprised to know that about 80 percent of a vehicle can be recycled and reused. Cars and trucks are made of a collection of parts like reusable material and electrical elements that if taken apart correctly, can be able to put in good use. If your car gets to the point where the cost of repair and maintenance is more than then the value of the car, and then bring your vehicle to the junkyard where its parts can be re-purposed.

Whether you are replacing a single part of the car or selling away the entire vehicle, the junk car buyer will recycle or re-manufactured them fully. The 80 percent parts of the vehicle which can be used for the second time are oil filters, car rims, bumpers, batteries and many more. There are also some benefits on nature for the use of a scrap car and its parts. In this blog, you will get to know more about the junk cars and what happens when you sell your car to the junkyard.

Auto glass:

Most of us don’t know that approximately 15 million windshields are replaced every year in the United States, it was difficult to recycle the glass that cracked in an accident, but the technology has improved. Now, many famous windshield replacement companies also work with recycling companies to reduce waste on the earth. When a vehicle’s glass is recycled, it can be transformed into concrete blocks, glass bottles, and fiberglass, while the plastic used in the making of glass can be reused for carpet glue and other applications.

Engines and transmissions:

There are times when the engine of the vehicle is in working condition, but the other parts and body become junk, then there is no purpose of repairing the whole car just because of the engine. Repairing and reuse of car engine for other vehicle is a low-cost solution to an expensive problem. In a research it was found that remanufactured engines are even more efficient than before when they were first built, this is because of the more advanced materials.

Scrap metals:

Scrap metals are used to manufacture different car parts such as, aluminum car rims, handles of doors and other material are used in making of new material. All the metals used in cars can be removed in a junkyard and will be sold to scrap metal yards, where they melted it down and make new things.


Car batteries are the most recycled product in the United States and have 98 to 99 percent of recycling rates. State and local law also want that auto shops to ship the old batteries to the recycling center to ensure that the harmful chemical used in battery like lead does not mix up with the air and harm the environment. The lead is separated from the plastic case and then fed into a furnace to melt it down. The lead is later reused to manufacture new battery. One should also know that new automotive batteries are made up to 80 percent recycled material.


In research, it was found that the used tires made 2 percent of total waste generated in the USA every year, but out of 290 million scrap tires produced in a year 233 million are recycled. So, always try to take your vehicle tires to the tire dealer, recycling center or local tire collection event to make it useful for future purpose. Avoid burning old tires because it results in air pollution and the removal of toxic material.

Water pumps:

Water pumps are the parts of the automobile which can be reused and remanufactured when they are a break. You can quickly repair them or get the cash against them; there are many stores who can pay you or exchange the old water pump with the new one. Junkyard buyers also repair the old water pump and sell them to the manufacturers to make them useful.

Starters and alternators:

The starters and alternators of the car or vehicles can be remanufactured too. Both the parts are expensive. Hence the idea of re-using them is excellent on the financial and environmental front.


The plastic used in cars parts such as gas tanks, light, bumpers, dashboard and other parts is separated from the other parts when you sell your junk car to the junk buyers. They divide all the plastic and shred them for the transformation of new material or component. Reuse of plastic is suitable for buyer and seller, rather than disposing the plastic in the environment.


Belts and chains are the most important components of a car; if these are in good condition and shape, they can be used again. Junk car buyers look at these small components of the vehicle to do a big business. As a car owner, you can also sell that belt and chain separately if you think there is no need to repair and replacement.

Rubber hoses:

Like garden hoses, rubber hoses are also recycled easily; it is better to recycle them rather than throwing away in the trash. These small rubber hoses can make a massive difference in the manufacturing of a new car.

Carpets and mats:

Carpet and mats covered the whole car from floor to roof, recycling of this useful think cut cost for the making of new material. Recycled rubber is often used to make a new car mat; many of us don’t know that the process works in the opposite direction too. That means car mats are also used to make rubber.

Oil filters:

Used oil filters can also be recycled easily and can be appropriately decomposed of by the law. You can locate an oil recycling center if you want to exchange the oil of car by yourself or search auto shop that recycles oil filter. Either you can use that oil in other vehicle or sell it to get some money. When a car is scrapped it still contains motor oil, so why not reuse it.

What are the benefits of recycling and reuse of scrap car parts?

  • Helping the environment:

Recycling helps in protecting natural resources for a longer period as it uses less energy than manufacturing new material. Production of new steel requires burning a large amount of coal, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This in turn is responsible for contributing more pollution. While recycling requires less fuel and has less impact on the environment.

  • Reduce landfills:

Usually when junk cars are purchased by the junkyards, all the parts including the metal body is recycled to construct a new one. Doing this greatly helps to reduce the waste dumped in landfills.

  • Helping the economy:

Many businesses depend on recycled steel because it is a lesser expensive option than buying new steel. Therefore, by purchasing such junk cars, people can afford to buy the same at lower price and this can prove to be an economic option for them.

Final Words:

The benefits of recycling cars are not just limited to protecting the environment but doing this can also help a person earn some cash. So, if you have an old junk car which is occupying lot of space in your backyard then sell it to junk car buyers. In return you will be able to make some money out of the metal junk which you thought was worthless.

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