best price for your junk car

Tips for Evaluating the Best Price for Your Junk Car

best price for your junk car

Even though the concept of “reduce, re-use, and recycle” is embraced by most of the individuals and business entities, we can still find lots of used metals in the landfills. Perhaps, this is because there still exist people who throw their wrecked vehicles in the trash rather than approaching a scrap yard company and selling their used cars at decent rates. Look out for reliable “scrap my car” services.

Scrapyard companies won’t pay you as per the exact value of your vehicle in the marketplace; instead, they will consider the weight of your vehicle before giving quotations. However, you can still make a considerable amount of money by selling your worn-out car to a reliable scrap or junk company. But the question is “how to evaluate the price of your junk car”? Of course, you can’t estimate the value of your scrap unless you have worked in a scrap company yourself. But there are still ways you can find out an approximate value of your scrap. Here’s how:

Evaluating the Value of Your Scrap Car

The current value of the junk car starts from $100 and can be as much as $15,000 (depending on your car’s brand, its weight, and condition). If you own a traditional car that can’t be driven anymore, you can expect to fetch anywhere from $100 to $500 by selling it to a reputable scrap company. Selling away your scrap has never been a challenging task but finding out the value of your scrap and getting the best quotation for it is as difficult as a hard nut to crack. Even when you search online, you get to see a plethora of established scrap companies that seem trustworthy. However, not all junkyards will quote the right price for your scrap piece.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any specific formula that can help you to evaluate the exact value of your junk car. Some of the common factors that scrap companies consider to find out the value of your scrap include:

  • The current condition of your car: Value of your scrap highly depends on the condition of your car. Is it clean and pristine? Have you been driving a corroded clunker car? The cleaner your car, the higher its value.
  • Location of your used car: The regional rates of the scrap yard and the popularity of junk cars in your location play an integral part in determining the value of your scrap.
  • Purchase year, model, and design of the car: The demand for the car components is never the same. For instance, traditional cars might be made up of considerable plastic rather than metals, reducing its scrap value. On the contrary, the current models are composed of high-quality materials which may have a good scrap value.

These are the three major factors that most of the junk companies follow to determine the value of the scrap and thus give a fair quotation.

Note that the sales value and junk value of a car can differ to a great extent. The former is affected by the market price of the used cars, a model of the car, and cost of repairs which may improve the appearance and overall performance of the vehicle. On the other hand, junk price of the car depends on the weight of your four-wheeler, its location, components such as metals, and current condition.

Unless you are fine with selling your scrap car at a much cheaper rate, you should definitely devote some time and efforts in finding out the actual cost of the junk cars.

Find the Current Price of Scrap Metals

Don’t worry if you are not a professional scrap metal price evaluator. The best way to evaluate the price of your scrap car is by determining the current price of scrap metals. As discussed above, your scrap car is made up of lots of precious metals such as steel, aluminum, platinum, and so on. Note down all the metals present in your scrap car and conduct online research on the current prices of the particular scrap metals. Sum up the current prices of each scrap metal to find out the exact value of your scrap car. Approach your nearest junkyard and ask what price they are willing to pay for your scrap. Compare the prices of different scrap companies and seal the deal with the right scrap company.

No matter how wrecked your car is, its components will still be valuable to junk companies. You might not know about the number and types of metals your car comes integrated with but the professionals are well familiar with that. From steel to platinum to aluminum to palladium, there is a wide range of expensive and 99% recyclable metals that a scrap company can re-use. So, evaluate the value of your junk car right away and sell it to a reliable scrap company. Make the most of reliable scrap my car services.

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